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Addison Holcomb: Self-Love

Oh, happy day!

I want to sincerely thank my best gal, Mal, for giving me the opportunity to write about a topic that is near and dear to my heart on this incredible platform that she has crafted. Mallory is a light in the darkness, the kind of friend every girl dreams of having, and a world-changing leader. Her desire to know and love others does not go unnoticed, and this blog is a testament to that. Thank you, Mallory, for championing suicide education and prevention, seeking to end the stigma, and sharing The Happy Heart Project with the rest of us.

I want to start by saying if you are reading this, you are loved, valued, and worthy, regardless of what you may be going through or how you are feeling today. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle or dim your light. You are beautiful, talented and uniquely YOU. Because of that, you deserve to wholeheartedly love yourself.

The hustle and bustle of college life, the manner in which we glamourize being “busy”, and the struggle of effective time management over the last three years ignited my passion for self-love. Week after week, I found myself drowning in assignments, projects, meetings, stress – you name it. My hour-by-hour calendar was busting at the seams, and I was struggling to decompress. I realized something had to change... I needed to make time for myself.

Self-love is a buzzword these days and often associated with face masks, movie nights and “treating yourself”. Though there is nothing wrong with any of those things (let’s be honest – we love all three!), the concept goes much deeper. Defined as “a regard for one’s own well-being and happiness; an appreciation of one’s own worth of virtue,” self-love is about appreciating, taking care of, and celebrating yourself. Just because you’re worth it.

"Self-love is about appreciating, taking care of, and celebrating yourself."

In order to love others well, you must first learn to love yourself. Practicing self-love and engaging in positive self-talk can have positive implications. Taking the time to listen to your mind, body, and spirit will allow you to be more present and engaged in the world around you. Self-love is often credited with increasing happiness and confidence, strengthening friendships and relationship, and even decreasing anxiety – all of which align with the mission, vision, and values of The Happy Heart Project.

Whether it be social, emotional or physical, self-love is essential and looks different for everyone. What makes you feel loved, valued, and beautiful may be different from your peers, and that’s okay.


Self-love might like look reading a book, taking a “digital detox” from the online world, or opting for a night on the couch rather than a night out. It is important to get to know yourself and do what is best for you. We all have a reset button, and it’s okay to push it every once in a while. Being busy and the social butterfly all the time isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Self-reflection fosters growth and growth is good for the soul.


From an emotional perspective, maybe self-love looks like starting a daily gratitude practice, watching a movie that puts you in the feels, or engaging in positive self-talk. The world in which we live is dominated with comparison and unrealistic expectations, so it is easy to get caught up in and swept away by negative thoughts. I challenge you to offer yourself two compliments for every undesirable thought you have. The power of positive self-talk cannot be overstated. Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else. You deserve to be encouraged, empowered, and motivated just as those around you!


Finally, from a physical standpoint, when you look good, you feel good. It’s science. Start by taking the time to invest in yourself by getting enough sleep. Some may say sleep is for the weak, but I would argue that you can’t be your best self without your beauty sleep. Second, find a workout routine that makes you feel strong and beautiful. Whether it be a spin class at a local cycle studio, running at Orange Theory, a walk around the neighborhood, or an ab-circuit you found on Pinterest, movement is important. As the amazing Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” Lastly, physical self-care may take the form of pampering – like mastering that skincare routine you know you need but haven’t prioritized yet, treating yourself to a mani and/or pedi, or investing in a massage pillow for when you’re feeling a little tense. After all, a good face mask and bubble bath can work wonders for your pores, perspective, and positivity!

Pay attention to when you feel your best. When you have an especially good day, consider what made it so special and try to replicate that feeling.

After all, you owe it to yourself to love yourself.

XOXO. Addi.

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