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The Miss America Organization is one of the Largest Scholarship providers in the world and is continuously awarding thousands of dollars to young women to further their education. I plan to use the scholarships I have been awarded through this program to get my masters in Speech Pathology! 

The Miss America organization has provided me a creative outlet to perform my talent of playing the fiddle, get involved with community service, advocate for teen suicide prevention, and polish my interview and public speaking skills. 

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I have been involved with the Miss Texas Organization for about 17 years now. Back in 2004, My older sister began competing and our family was instantly captivated. Growing up in this organization has truly shaped me into the woman I am today. I competed in the Miss Texas Outstanding teen organization for four years. On June 26, 2021, My life was changed forever when I was awarded the job of Miss Texas. 

The Mission statement of Miss America is "preparing great women for the world and preparing the world for great women." I truly believe that this organization is shaping the next generation of world changers. 

Photo by Zac Grimaldo
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