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Henry's Happy


Henry's Happy Heart is a tale of two friends, Ruby and Henry, that tackle both physical and emotional hurdles. Together they overcome obstacles and achieve their big dreams. This book is intended to start a conversation between the reader and the young audience about emotions and mental health. It focuses on the importance of goal setting, talking to trusted adults about our feelings and emotions, and building good friendships. For every five copies sold, one will be donated to an elementary school library!

Cheryl Conner, 
School Counselor

Henry's Happy Heart is such a heartwarming book! It is a perfect way to introduce what to do if you have a little friend who is struggling. It guides and directs younger children on what they need to do. It provides a perfect way to bring up a harder topic in a way their minds can see clearly.  I would recommend every young child have this book read to them. It is perfect for classroom teachers and counselors to share with students!

Kelsey Miller,

Every Tuesday during Morning Campfire (our school theme is Adventure Awaits so it’s all outdoorsy), we have check-ins. A time for students to openly share how they’re feeling so that as a classroom family we can best care for one another. Answers range from grumpy, excited, sleepy, nervous, etc. After reading Henry’s Happy Heart, it allowed for a conversation about seeking help when needed and not having to feel emotions alone. We discussed that no one is a mind reader so if someone needs help, they have to self advocate to let others in.

Bethany Yearty,

This is a beautifully written book that covers a difficult topic. I love that the author was able to break down, to a child’s level, this crucial conversation that every parent needs to have. A must have for every parent!

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